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Oregano Vida
Oregano Vida
Oregano Vida
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Oregano Vida

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Not only kitchen spices! The high-quality extract from oregano, thyme and barberry, supplemented with zinc and vitamin D3, is very suitable for supporting the immune system at times when it is particularly stressed.

Extracts of oregano, thyme and barberry. With zinc and vitamin D3. 60 capsules with 600 mg each. Net content 43 g.

Oregano Vida contains a variety of high-quality plant substances and supports the immune system with the ingredients zinc and vitamin D3.


Oregano, thyme and barberry extract - Oregano Vida

When you buy Oregano Vida, you get a natural product with exciting ingredients.


Oregano extract

Oregano Vida

Originally native to the Mediterranean region, the plant species is cultivated and used in warm and temperate regions worldwide. Natural occurrences are found in almost all of Europe. Oregano prefers warm locations on calcareous subsoil. It usually colonises dry and sparse forests, such as oak and pine forests or snow heath pine forests. The leaves of the oregano plant contain a great variety of essential oils, tannins and bitter substances with described physiological activity and other naturally occurring plant substances such as carvacrol.

We source our organic oregano powder from Europe. The powder is then gently final processed with the extracting agent water into an organic extract of high quality. We use an extract tailored to our product, which has a special characteristic and therefore meets our demands for a high quality product. We analyse and process the raw material mass in Switzerland.


Thyme extract

Oregano Vida

Thyme is a shrub of the labiates family. The shrub has a low height and bears many lilac-coloured flowers in May and June. The thyme shrub is also a rich bee pasture. Thyme originates from the western Mediterranean countries. Thyme is a well-known kitchen spice with a mild, peppery pungency. The Latin name Thymus is supposed to refer to its invigorating and stimulating effect. In ancient Egypt, thyme played a role in embalming and the Greeks and Romans were already seasoning with thyme. The Benedictine monks brought the herb to northern Europe; in the Middle Ages it became a symbol of strength and courage. Herbalists have always attributed properties associated with the maintenance of good health to thyme with its high-quality essential oils.

We source our thyme from the Mediterranean region. It is grown in organic quality and carefully harvested. The dried powder is concentrated into an extract in a gentle process, with the aim of ensuring that the valuable ingredients are not altered or even lost in the process.


Barberry extract

Oregano Vida

Barberry occurs naturally in Europe and eastwards as far as India. In the Alps, barberry thrives up to 2500 metres above sea level. Through cultivation and subsequent overgrowth, barberry can now also be found in other regions of the world. Among other things, the plant substance berberine is extracted from the root bark. In contrast, the fruits of barberry, which are eaten in Europe in dried form as an alternative to sultanas, do not contain berberine. Berberine is contained in the root bark of the common Berberis vulgaris as well as in the Berberis aristata we use.

The plants for the barberry powder we use are gently cultivated and concentrated by means of extraction.


What contribution can the ingredients of Oregano Vida make?

Oregano Vida with its combination of natural and high-quality ingredients mentioned above, supplemented with vitamin D and zinc, is very suitable for supporting the immune system. This can be important, especially in times when the immune system is particularly stressed.

  • Zinc and vitamin D help maintain normal function of the immune system.
  • Zinc and vitamin D help protect cells from oxidative stress and have a role in cell division.
  • Zinc contributes to normal acid-base metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and macronutrient metabolism.
  • Zinc contributes to normal fatty acid metabolism and normal DNA synthesis.
  • Zinc contributes to normal vitamin A metabolism.
  • Zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis.
  • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, nails, skin and eyesight.


What is Oregano Vida used for?

The health claims that are possible for a food supplement like Oregano Vida and its ingredients are precisely specified by the legislator. We are not allowed to go beyond that, even if it should have scientifically confirmed physiological properties. Make up your own mind with an internet research.


What are the benefits of Oregano Vida?

  • Combines the plant extracts from oregano, thyme and barberry
  • With natural carvacrol
  • Supports the immune system with zinc and vitamin D3
  • Veggie capsules made from plant-based HPMC
  • Vegan product



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