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Black FFP2 masks combine protection and style

If we have to wear mouth-nose covering every day, at least wear it in style. Black CE-certified FFP2 are now also available in Switzerland. These protect the wearer ideally, offer better wearing comfort thanks to the slightly longer straps and are even more elegant than the doctor-white models.

Black FFP2 masks

Celebrities like Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Kamala Harris have been wearing them for a long time: black masks. What's new is that now, in addition to hygiene and fabric masks, the better-protecting FFP2 protective masks are also available in stylish black. With these, you follow the rules and protect yourself optimally without making much fuss about it. You don't make the masks into an accessory trend, but you don't look like a dentist with them either.

Black FFP2 masks

Of course, more important than the color is still the reliability of the protection. For this purpose, one should definitely look at the test reports and/or manufacturer's certificates and thus convince oneself of the quality.

How is a CE certified FFP2 mask correctly marked?

1.    CE & four-digit number: e.g. CE 1463
2.    Designation of the mask: e.g. Taidakang T8000
3.    Standard & year of publication: e.g. Standard name: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 
4.    Classification: FFP2 NR

Here you can order the fashionable FFP2 mask: FFP2-Mask black