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KN95 für Teenager / Erwachsene mit kleinem Kopfumfang

KN95 for teenagers / adults with small faces

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  • Protective mask KN95-tested; filter performance requirements correspond to FFP2
  • Available from Swiss warehouse



These masks are constructed in three layers. For the general population, this mask type is the right choice to protect against infections in public.


Protective function in detail

These masks provide reliable protection against particles in the air. To do this, they must be worn close to the face - and not used repeatedly. There are various standards worldwide for measuring the performance of protective masks. The Chinese standard KN95 describes the ability of the masks to filter out at least 95 percent of all particles in the air from a size of 0.6 μm They seal tightly against the face and thus protect the wearer of the mask from aerosols in the air.

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