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Testing remains important in the opening phase

Experts consider the relaxation to be justifiable, but at the same time urge caution. Especially before family celebrations and going to the office, people should continue to test diligently. Here you can have the 5 free Roche Corona rapid tests delivered to your home.

Testen bleibt in der Öffnungsphase wichtig

Anyone who goes to a birthday party and does not do a self-test beforehand is acting irresponsibly. In the same way, only those who have themselves tested regularly should go to the office. Daniel Koch, former head of the "Communicable Diseases" department at the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), has appealed to restaurant and bar patrons to undergo a quick test beforehand. This is especially important at private meetings and when going to the office, says public health expert Marcel Tanner, who resigned from the Corona task force in January, in a Tamedia interview on Monday. In his opinion, self-tests are sufficient.

For private individuals: If you do not yet have a free Corona quick test subscription, you can easily subscribe here. It is completely free and can be cancelled at any time. The bill for a maximum of 5 tests in 30 days will be paid directly by your health insurance company without affecting the deductible.

Gratis Roche Selbsttest

5 free Roche Corona rapid tests for self-testing

  • Roche nose trimming test (nose in front)
  • Easy self-testing; result within 15 min.
  • Test approved by the BAG for private use
  • As soon as the health insurance details have been checked, the tests are sent out
  • CHF 0.00 for 5 tests including free shipping


Roche Selbsttest für Firmen

For companies and private individuals: Here you can order additional Roche Corona self-tests and have them delivered from stock:

  • Roche nose trimming test (nose in front)
  • Easy self-testing; result within 15 min.
  • Test is approved by the BAG
  • CHF 11.50 per test